Prius Recall Expected Any Moment, Toyota Luster Fades

It's official, sort of. Everyone from consumer advocates to Automotive News expects that Toyota will announce a recall of the new Prius model any day. If you've got one, get ready.

The recall will address software issues that cause brake problems. Apparently the brakes fail to react immediately when you hit the brakes such as in an emergency. We talked about this as being the "Oh, crap" recall because that's the mild version of the emotion the driver feels, no doubt, when they hit the Prius brakes and nothing happens.

With Toyota, it is only getting worse as each day goes by. Maybe now is the time to buy American again after all.

If you've got a lemon Toyota, get a Burdge attorney. Getting rid of lemon cars and truck lemons is what we do. Every day. Since 1978.

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