Car Recall News

Recalls aren't always well publicized. Many go completely unnoticed, although the massive recalls of hundreds of thousands of cars at one time often show up on the evening news or in the paper. But for the average recall, you may never hear about it.

Trying to find out if there's been a recent recall can be difficult and a real pain. The federal government has hundreds of web sites and the internet has more than anyone can probably count.

Well, we decided to cut to the bone. If you want to know if there's a recent recall on a particular vehicle, we are posting them all in one spot as soon as they come out.

There's a new place to find Car Recall Info, News and Notes. If it's a car, and there's a recall on it, you can find it by clicking here.

It's where car recalls are. Why? Because it ought to be easy to find out if you've got a lemon, and it ought to be easy to avoid buying one too.

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