The Car I Wanted. The Car I Got

A friend of mine sent me this hilarious message that's worth taking a break to pass on...

"This is the car I wanted."

It's a Novitec modified Ferrari Enzo in screaming yellow. Zero to 100 mph in 3.5 seconds (no G-force ratings disclosed). Top speed rated at 348 kph (no mph rating disclosed because you need a pilot license). Let's face it, this car probably even has "macho man" chiseled into the frame.

"This is the car I got. And it only goes downhill."

It's a King Midget that was basic transportation with soap box derby styling. It was sold back in 1946 as a kit car with a 6 horsepower, one cylinder engine with a 2 speed automatic gearbox but with no reverse. It could actually get up to 45 mph (probably just downhill), and had a base price of just $270.

Sometimes life just works out that way. You want a Ferrari and you get a King Midget that only goes downhill.

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