When Cars Were Cool and VW's Were Too

How long has it been, I asked myself. 30 years? 40 years? looks brand new.

The VW Camper van was a product of innovation within the bombed out walls of a VW plant after World War 2 when they started using partially built VW's to make parts deliveries around the VW plant and someone realized that you could take one of them and put a camper shell on top and sell them as campers for the common consumer. They were right of course.

By 1963 Americans had bought 150,000 of them. The other day I saw one of them and it looked beatiful. Totally restored inside and out and all around. Original paint. Original hubcaps. Original radio. Just incredible to look at. It was parked in the grocery store parking lot where I stopped for coffee on the way into work last Saturday morning.

Of course, I wasn't the only guy staring at it, but I was the only to take out his camera and snap a picture of it. The others? Well, they had their camera phones too, I'm sure, but they just couldn't stop salivating long enough to take a photo.

What I really wanted though was a phone number and price but, of course, the owner of this classic isn't selling it anytime soon. After all, it comes from an age when cars were simpler and also built better. That was good, too, because there were no lemon laws back then either.

Nowadays, though, that's not the case. If you've got a lemon, VW or any other kind, call us, toll free, at 888.331.6422, or email us. We know how to make them take it back and give you back your money and we do it for free, no cost to you. That way you can go out and buy one of these.