Jaguar Sales Down, Happiness Up

Jaguar sales in the US are down 27% below last year, for the first 6 months. But JD Powers (the survey people) say Jaguar tops all others when it comes to Customer Service.

The sales slump might explain why Ford has Jaguar up for sale, along with its Land Rover line. Both are valued at about $1.5 Billion and that's money that Ford could use. Ford expects to be getting six or more buyers bids any day now, including at least one from a company that was interested in buying Chrysler recently and one from an India car builder. If you can't sell the cars, sell the company, that seems to be Ford's new motto.

Ailing Land Rover joined Isuzu, Suzuki, Volkswagen, and Jeep as the bottom five in Customer Service out of all vehicle manufacturers. That matches up with our clients' experience too.

What makes no sense is what happened in the recent survey report between Lexus and Buick. Lexus was at the top of the game last year and this year dropped to a tie at third place with Cadillac. Meanwhile, Buick moved up to second place, passing up both of the luxury brands.

Behind the first four in the top ten were Mercury, Saturn, Mini, Lincoln, Pontiac and Infiniti, in that order.

Whether your lemon is at the top of the heap or the bottom doesn't really matter when it's your lemon. If you want it squashed, call us. That's what we do.

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