GM Diesel Disaster Coming Again?

With lawmakers seriously looking at corporate fuel rankings for the first time in nearly a decade, GM has taken an old idea off the shelf and dusted it off again. Diesel engines. Wait, didn't they do that once before?

General Motors has announced that it is planning on putting diesel engines in some Cadillac and
Saturn models by 2010 for US sales and that they'll be available in Europe in 2009. Let's hope they don't repeat the disaster GM faced in the early 1980's. One blogger's remarks sum it up quite well:

Leo, posted Mar 17th 2006 1:33PM

I worked at a luxury import dealer from 1982-1986, and I can remember customers of the Cadillac dealer across the street coming over (after their 15th service visit for their POS Cadillac diesel) to look at our product.

I can still see the look of horror when we told them their one year old Caddy was now worth $1,500 in trade because the GM diesel engine was such a disaster. The product was horrible, and the company's response was even worse. They abandoned their customer base in a way that left the automotive world in disbelief.

I don't know if there's ever been a bigger customer service disaster on a vehicle in that price range in world history. And given GM's precarious financial position, I'm not sure I'd go there - even in trucks, and even 25 years later.

There's good reason to worry here, folks. I agree with Leo. That diesel Caddy in the 80's was a disaster for everyone. I had a case with one back then and when I showed up in court for the first hearing with the Judge, he turned to the GM attorney and told him that "I'm going to take judicial notice that this car is a lemon."

That means everyone knew it and the Judge wasn't going to hear any arguing about it. That pretty much sums it up.
Here's a page on the 1984 Cadillac on the web and you can see they actually charged extra for that optional diesel engine. Whether your lemon is a diesel or not, we can help.

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