Most reliable cars for 2016 - and the worst predictions from Consumer Reports Magazine

Each year Consumer Reports Magazine sends out thousands of questionnaires to car owners to survey defects and problems that owners are experiencing. Based on the latest survey results, Consumer Reports has predicted what cars will the most reliable in 2016 - and which ones will be the worst - in the December 2015 magazine issue.

The most reliable car? The Lexus NX. The fact that it is the Lexus brand is no surprise to us - we hardly ever get a lemon Lexus case.

The only American brand car to make the top 15 most reliable cars for 2016? The Buick Encore. We can't recall the last lemon Buick Encore case we had - the quality is that good.

And the least reliable car predicted for 2016? The Fiat 500L. And, yes, that is also what our clients seem to say too. For the price though, when you get a good one it may well be worth the money.

Most surprising result for most people? The Mercedes Benz GL Class ranks among the least reliable and the Cadillac SRX is even worse. Both of those "luxury" brands like to tout quality but the owner survey numbers show an experience among their owners that is anything but that.

Our lemon law experience is the same for the Mercedes and Cadillac cars too.

You can read the entire list and see how your car stacks up online at the Consumer Reports website or at your local news stand.

And if you get a lemon, call us. Getting rid of lemon cars is what we do.

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