Who Ya Gonna Call? (when you want to complain about a car dealer)

Who Ya Gonna Call?
Angry car buyers who were ripped off by a car dealer or who end up with a lemon, often ask who they can write or call or email to complain about what happened to them. Often your complaint may be answered and your problem worked out. And if not, well, at least you tried.

So, who ya gonna call? Well, here's a list of some people who need to know when you get ripped off or when you end up with a lemon. Complaining may not get you the result you want, but it will probably feel good to give your opinion about your dealer or the manufacturer's representative that you dealt with, at the very least.

Remember, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease! You want them to read your complaint, care about what happened to you, and do something about it for you! So if you are going to complain, then keep it short, keep it simple, keep it accurate! And don't give up. If they won't help you out and you were ripped off by a car dealer or you ended up with a lemon you can't get rid of, call or email us. We know what to do.

Ripoff Report

Dealer Rater -

Car Dealer Check -, Car Dealer Reviews -

Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews -

Miami Valley Better Business Bureau, submit a review by clicking on the car dealer's name from a list, then scanning down the page to the "submit a review" link halfway down the page -

Google Places Reviews - do a Google search for the name of the dealer and then look to the Google Places info on the right of your screen and for the "review" link (it is explained step by step at this link:

Yelp, Write a Review -

Dayton Daily Newspaper Google Plus Page -

WHIO-TV Google Plus Page -


And don't forget Facebook and and Twitter. The dealer or the manufacturer may have a page where you can go to complaint or write your own review.

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