2012 Ford Focus Gets More Complaints, Recalls, Service Bulletins - What's Up?

What is going on with the 2012 Ford Focus? Consumers are wondering while complaints from owners pile up, technical service bulletins are issued and the recalls begin. Ford knows, but it isn't talking.

2013 Ford Focus Transmission Complaints
Hundreds of owner complaints have been filed with federal safety investigators and Ford has issued at least a dozen service bulletins - secret warranties they tell dealers about - and two recalls.

Dozens and dozens of owner complaints have to do with transmission troubles and the complaints are spilling over to other owner-gripe web sites by the dozens too. Some owners even complain that the car won't go into gear when the engine is running!

Edmunds has 696 complaints and questions and discussions about the Focus tranny problems posted at its Townhall Talk pages alone as of July 2013. And at 8,000 miles, one owner posted a review at Edmunds that warned "Don't Even Think About This Car" saying that its transmission was "terrible."

Federal safety investigators have logged 216 owner complaints as of July 2013 too - and owners have to hunt and click through web site pages for the web page where they can file a vehicle complaint, mind you (hint, you can click right here to register your car's complaint).

Frustrated owners have noted Ford's problems with 2012 Ford Focus wiring harnesses, the Focus car's computer programs and parts, slipping transmissions, grinding noises, furious jerking, uphill hesitation, losing power, and worse. Computer reprogramming hasn't made the complaints go away.

Some complaints have focused on the Focus car's six speed dual clutch transmission design as a sore spot. Other complain of near stall-outs with heavy braking and loss of power assist and fading brakes.

For its part, Ford issued a recall having to do with water leaking into a wiring harness but no specific recall on the transmission complaints has come out, causing consumers to wonder why not. In the face of hundreds of tranny complaints, it is puzzling to industry watchdogs and consumers alike.

Ford did issue a secret warranty to cover "improperly balanced clutch assembly" that causes vibrations, but how severe those are is something Ford didn't say. And another one was issued on Ford Focus transmission jerks and rough shifting and "roll back" when on an incline or hill.

And are things looking any better for the 2013 Ford Focus? Not really, it's off to a similar start with two recalls, more service bulletins, and over 50 consumer complaints.

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If you are thinking about getting a new or used Ford Focus, you may want to think about it again. You may be well advised to wait until Ford focuses on fixing the Focus problems that current owners are raging about on the internet.

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