Getting Even With Harassing Debt Collectors Is Satisfying

Have you ever been sued for a debt you didn't even owe?

In a recent debt collection harassment case we represented a local consumer who had been sued in a foreclosure - for a house he didn't even own. They even turned in the foreclosure debt on our client's credit records. All for a house he never bought in a state he had never been to.

Our client was a pefect and gentle man who was a true gentleman. When he was served with the papers he tried to explain he never bought any house in Florida, but the sheriff deputy served the legal papers on him anyway. When he wrote letters to the bank and the collection company lawyers, it got nowhere. The foreclosure case wasn't dropped. They even served more papers on him.

It was just plain wrong and they wouldn't leave him alone. That's when he called us.

We argued, wrote letters, sent emails, made phone calls, but still the bank's out-of-state collection company attorneys wouldn't drop the case. They ignored the letters. The didn't answer the emails. They didn't answer the phone calls and did not respond to the voice mails left for them. It was like every attempt to stop it just went into a dark hole and disappeared.
There are federal credit rights laws that say debt collectors and creditors can not harass you or claim you owe a bill when you don't. And they don't have a right to mess up your credit record either. Especially when you don't even owe them anything.

So, we sued back. We sued the out-of-state collection company lawyers. And we sued the bank.

(Ron got two before we could even take this picture)
It took another 6 months or so before it all came to an end. They cleaned up the credit record, dropped the foreclosure claim against our client, paid a nice amount of money to our client for his aggravation - and we made them pay our attorney fees too.

Winning, or getting a good settlement for our clients, is what makes us happy around here. It is always nice to see the legal system work out right for people.

But the best part? That was just a few days ago when our client dropped off a whole bunch of wonderful and really tasty cupcakes for everyone here at our office. Everyone just loved it.

Cupcakes from a happy client make all of us here very, very happy too.

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