Soon, You Will Lose More of Your Rights. You Can Stop It If You Act Now.

HB 275 will hurt you
There are more consumers in Ohio than businesses, that just stands to reason. But the Ohio legislature pays attention to where the money comes from. And here they go again. This time, you are about to become the victim.

For 40 years Ohio has had a simple law that said no merchant could do anything that was unfair or deceptive or unconscionable to a consumer. That sounds like a pretty reasonable law. The law stopped crooks from ripping consumers quite so badly, frankly, because when they got caught they would just move on to other states where the law wasn't so strong and they could get away with their thievery more easily. That may end soon.

The Ohio General Assembly has decided that the crooks need a break apparently. So they have created HB 275, a fundamental change to the law, dressed it up in sheep's clothing, and now it's headed for the governor's signature in the coming days. If Gov. Kasich signs it, the thieves will win and you will lose. It's that simple.

The amendment to Ohio law will gut the only consumer protection law in Ohio that makes it illegal for a merchant to commit an unfair or deceptive or unconscionable act on a consumer. Once the word gets out, you can bet that the crooks and thieves who left Ohio for better pickings elsewhere will flock back. But you have one more chance to stop it.

Ohio voters don't have to stay silent while Gov. Kasich considers whether to go along with the big monied lobbies who have contributed time and money to dismantle Ohio's consumer protection law. You have a chance to stop it if you act fast.

Tweet @JohnKasich. Send him a message through the governor's web site. Call his office at 614-466-3555 or 614-644-4357.

Demand that the governor VETO HB 275. It is an anti-business proposal that is anti-consumer too.

If you don't act now, the governor may bow to political pressure from big business donors who are just waiting for the chance to get into your wallet or purse. If the governor does not hear you say VETO HB 275, then it could become law. And if it does, you will lose and the crooks and thieves will win.

It is that simple. Call or email the governor's office today. Just say VETO HB 275.

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