The super rich and their super cars crash into a super accident in Japan

You want to know where the money is and where they don't mind flaunting it once in awhile? It's in Japan.

In a single accident involving more than a dozen of super rich drivers and their "supercars" - flying by other cars at twice the speed limit -  a chain reaction crash into each other resulted in a total loss of millions of dollars. Apparently having money doesn't have much to do with being able to drive carefully.

Count 'em up, folks.

8 Ferrari cars, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini supercar, a Toyota supercar, and others - reportedly a total of 15 cars - crashed one into the other into the other into the other, etc, until there was $4 million + worth of supercars turned into smashed parts on the highway to Hiroshima. Amazingly ten people were taken to the hospital with only minor injuries if you don't consider their pride, which was badly damaged in the process.

And caught up in the midst of it all was one lone Prius - which was damaged not nearly as bad as the Lambo.

Ah, the super rich and their super cars. In this age of austerity, when the rich go out to play in public and their toys all get broken, you have to just shake your head and sort of snicker at the stupidity.

It just goes to show you.

When you drive twice the legal speed limit, keep your hands on the wheel and your attention on the road - and carry lots of car insurance too.

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