Burdge addresses Hawaii military lawyers on consumer lemon laws

To help military legal personnel better understand Hawaii's consumer protection laws, Ron Burdge will join Hawaii's Lemon Lawyer Jeff Crabtree to provide base legal training at Schofield Barracks for all military branches today, covering the Hawaii Lemon Law, Hawaii's Unfair-Deceptive Acts statute, the Hawaii Commercial Sales Code and the federal Lemon Law, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.
Jeff Crabtree, a premier Hawaii consumer law advocate and Ronald Burdge will provide legal training October 14 for the US Army Garrison at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Expected to attend will be military lawyers from both Army and Navy and the seminar is open to all island military legal offices.

Jeff Crabtree will discuss Hawaii consumer protection laws and focus on Hawaii's powerful consumer protection law, HRS 480-2 and HRS 480-13, and how it can be adapted to many different kinds of consumer protection needs to help consumer military members when they have been victims of consumer sales fraud and unfair or deceptive consumer transactions in Hawaii. Crabtree has extensive experience with Hawaii's "Udap" law - the state law that makes it illegal for most merchants to commit an unfair or deceptive act on a consumer during a sales or lease or service transaction.
Ron Burdge will discuss Hawaii's Lemon Car Laws and the four lemon vehicle laws that can help Hawaii consumer military members get rid of lemon motor vehicles and get their money back or a new vehicle.

Burdge will explain the Hawaii Lemon Law, the federal Lemon Law - called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act - and how it also applies to lemon motor vehicles and even lemon used cars, and the Hawaii Commercial Sales Code and Hawaii's Udap law and how they also can help consumers get valuable consumer protection remedies in a lemon car or lemon truck or lemon Rv case.
The all-afternoon seminar is open to all branches of the military JAG offices in Hawaii and their personnel. Joining them will be Elizabeth Kent, head of the Hawaii State Judiciary's Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, to discuss alternative dispute options for Hawaii consumers, and Washington attorney Michael Kinkley, who will discuss debt collection practices.

The Consumer Law seminar was designed by attorney Crabtree to provide base legal personnel with updated information and advice on how they can use Hawaii's consumer protection laws to assist military personnel with their consumer problems.

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