New Mini Cooper Goes 149 mph? Redesigned "bucket" roof looks cool

When it came out, the Mini Cooper was a remake of the classic shape from days gone by, updated with new dash instruments and toys. Well, hold on to your hub caps. Here comes a new one and it's not your father's Mini either.

The company is coming out with new shapes and updates and the most dramatic is the juiced up new coupe. A 2 seater 2012 Mini Cooper that can go 149 mph flat out (fasten that seat belt really tight) with a new aero design that cuts down wind friction, a "bucket" roof design that cuts it down further, a spoiler built into the rear roof design to force the rear end to hold the road at high speeds, and - the icing on the cake - an added spoiler that automatically pops up on the rear when the car hits 50 mph for even greater road hugging (and it retracts when your speed drops down to a more sluggish 37 mph).

With looks that any teenager will love and 20-somethings will lust after, and performance that will appeal to the 30-something generation, this one is likely to sell pretty good we suspect.

Add to that the usual reliable nature of the Mini brand and they could well have a hot seller here. The Detroit Bureau first look review is located here (click).

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