Saab opens manufacturing plant - and gets shut down again - it just never ends

Saab just can't seem to get it up and running as the money continues to run out. Last month it made a deal with China's largest dealer network that promised to refuel the Swedish automaker with badly needed funds to reopen its plant, according to

The Hatai Group from china had agreed to buy up 29.9% of Saab but Chinese bureaucrats nixed that deal.

Then along came Pang Da, China's largest dealer network, which made a deal with Saab to buy 24% of the company. That would effectively pour millions of dollars into the company just when it needs it the most and open the Chinese market to the Swedes. But the same Chinese bureaucrats haven't okay'd the deal yet.

Meanwhile, Saab is drying up. They had started production back up on May 27 only to have it shut down in a matter of days, even though they received "an initial payment" from Pang Da. Saab spokespersons are only saying that the money situation "is tense."

So, folks, if you're thinking of buying a used Saab, don't count on being able to get any replacement parts. The way things are going, those parts are likely to end up being made in China.

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