RV Park Demands More Naked Time for Resident

Okay, now for some "odd" Rv park news today, let's turn to Florida, Paradise Pines, and Brandon Barger, whose reckless and inconsiderate conduct (or lack of it) is about to get him kicked out of the park apparently.

Paradise Pines is a unique Rv park. The Lutz, Florida homeowners association of the Rv park wants to kick out a disabled resident, Brandon Barger. One of the reasons is that he doesn't get naked often enough for the rest of them, according to the St. Petersburg (FL) Times newspaper and United Press International reports.

Paradise Pines is a Florida nudist Rv park (click here to see the happy campers) and apparently they have rules and, you know the old saying, "rules is rules."

The association says that the 28 year old Barger doesn't look after his dog or maintain his property either. But apparently what may be their biggest gripe is that "he is not a practicing nudist" but it's got us wondering, just how do you "practice" that, anyway?

We checked the Rv Park's Rules of Conduct that are posted on their web site, but there's nothing there about how often one has to "practice" their nudity - or where or when. Although the rules do, understandably, prohibit picture taking "without the consent" or at least "the presence" of a member of "the BOD" whatever that is.

Barger gets around in his wheelchair and suffers from nervous system and brittle bone ailments but says he actually is nude quite often and admits to a a failing eyesight, but it sounds like the other residents, who apparently want to check him out to make sure he is complying with their rules, don't see him naked and out and about often enough.

Meanwhile, Barger says that his wheelchair keeps him from getting very far from his Rv and tells them "They say I'm not a nudist? I say, well, come look." Sounds like a challenge, indeed.

Surely Rv life has enough difficulties without picking on a nudist in a wheelchair, one would think. Apparently not for the Paradise Rv'ers.

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