You can help pass Wall Street reform right now. Here's how

If you're like me, when you saw the Goldman Sachs millionaires testify in front of congress the other day, saying they had nothing to apologize for (even though they raked in millions of dollars and crashed the entire US economy with their greed), you probably got angry. Well, there is something you can do about it.

I just watched this new video from AARP about Wall Street's excesses -- click on the link below to check it out:

When you finish watching, you can take action to urge Congress to stand up to the army of banking lobbyists that are right now trying to kill reform and keep their million-dollar bonuses.

For the last two years, we've gotten the same old song and dance from Wall Street.
We pay their debt. They pay themselves huge bonuses. We struggle to make ends meet. They spend millions to kill the financial reforms that would help American seniors.

But here's the worst part: Right now our senators are starting to waver as an army of banking lobbyists urges them to water down the financial reforms currently before Congress.

Well I say enough's enough -- and that's why I'm hoping you'll watch this funny (but hard-hitting) new video and join me in urging the Senate to change their tune and pass the reforms we need.

We all need to tell our Senators that it is time they stood up for us and not the fat cat Wall Street suits that ripped all of us off.

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