Dutch Luxury Car Maker Bids for Saab

First it was reported that any Saab sale was kaput. Then it was reported that a China company was mulling it over and a sale looked likely.

Now, they say the Dutch are back in the buying game, as luxury car maker Spyker Cars NV was reported to be the buyer wanna-be. Only thing is, they need this piddly 400 million Euro loan from the banks and the banks want a government gurantee that they'll get their money back.

Meanwhile, with inventory dwindling and employees jumping ship right and left, Saab dealers are themselves shutting down their stores.
If GM intends to sell Saab, if anyone intends to buy Saab, they better do it pretty soon. Otherwise they'll only be buying die molds and parts and the Saab logo but they'll have to rebuild the Saab dealer network from scratch because there won't be any dealers left. Of course, maybe that's what they are trying to do.

Meanwhile, if you've got a lemon Saab, GM says they still back 'em (but you'll probably need a lawyer to make them do anything). Getting rid of lemon Saab vehicles is what we do. Every day. Since 1978.

Burdge Law Office
Because life's too short to drive a lemon.

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