Cars the Stars Drive

Just out of curiosity, just what are the cars that stars are driving? Well, we did some digging and although most stars own more than one car, this is what we came up with...

Actress Julia Roberts (and Meryl Streep too), a Toyota Prius. Price? Just under $23k
Supermodel Tyra Banks, Lexis SC, at $65k
Singer Bono, Maserati Quattroporte
Actor Kevin Costner (and Bill Murray and Mel Gibson and Jack Nicholson), Land Rovers all around
Singer Rihanna, Chevrolet Suburban
Heiress and Tv Personality Paris Hilton, Bentley Continental GT at $171k
Singer Britney Spears, Mercedes SLR McLaren at $452k
Singer Madonna (and Donald Trump), a Maybach 57 at $335k
Actress Charlize Theron, Land Rover Range Rover at just under $75k
Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neill, Rolls Royce Phantom at $328k
Actor Tom Cruise, Porsche 911 at $71k
Actress Lindsey Lohan, Mercedes SL65 AMG at $185
Musician 50 Cent, Dodge Charger at $23k
Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (and Cameron Diaz too), Toyota Prius at just under $23k

But we haven't been able to find out what kind of car Oral Roberts drove.

Notably, we can say that while we have had lemon Bentley, Mercedes, Land Rover, Dodge, Toyota and other lemon cars, we haven't had any of the above clients. Oh, we've had a couple of judges, an artist, a sheriff, some lawyers, a brain surgeon (it wasn't McDreamy), doctors and lots of others like that, but most of our clients are just ordinary people with ordinary cars that went bad or ordinary people who were ripped off.

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