Wizard of Oz Returns to Movie Screens One Night Only

This coming Wednesday, the classic Wizard of Oz Judy Garland film returns to the big screen for one night only. It's a digital remastering of the original film that restores it to all its glory and more, a quality level that the original film could not achieve because of the technology of its day.

There are few movies that stand the test of time and endure generations of audiences. This is one. Here's where to find the nearest theatre and where to get your movie tickets online: http://www.ncm.com/Fathom/Premiere/WizardofOz_Exclusive.aspx?utm_campaign=WizardofOz&utm_medium=exclusiveblast&utm_source=WarnerBros

Don't count on any tickets being left at the box office.

Originally released in 1939, this remastered high definition version of the classic will show at less than 500 theatres nationwide, but that's all. It's the 70th anniversary of the film's debut and the remastering of the classic gives a new generation a chance to see it with a clarity that no one has seen before.

MGM released the film in its heyday, when 49 other movies were released that year, including Gone With the Wind, but only this one became the classic that every parent wanted their children to see and which they themselves enjoyed again and again.

Rarely do classic films get back to the big screen, where they were intended to be shown. This time, the movie screen version will also show movie outakes and interviews of some of the actors too, something normally only seen on a movie's dvd release.

The Wizard of Oz is one of those movies that most people have seen but few have ever seen as it was intended to be seen, on a giant movie theater screen where it all comes alive.

Check the website and find a screen near you. Then grab the kids (or the grandkids) and go. I guarantee you will leave the theater with a smile and more smiles are a good thing nowadays.

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