Making Handbags to Survive

It's not all doom and gloom in the Rv industry. Some folks are making success out of disaster too.

While others in the industry are closing down and giving up, Goshen Indiana's Specialty Window Coverings, which makes window coverings for RVs, is digging its way out by making something totally different with millions of dollars worth of fabric they had in stock.

"Well, we lost a couple large customers and we sat around and tried to think of different ideas how to keep people working. "What can we do?" And one of the ideas was to make these bags," said Randy Ferrie, of Specialty Window Coverings.

Donna Gould, the company's sales manager said, "I had a carpet bag that a vendor had given me for a Christmas present and I had it on airplanes before and 'Where did you get that bag? I'd love to have that bag!' And so, it just started evolving from there."

With 200 employees laid off, some of the 30 employees left at Specialty Window Coverings started designing bags and making samples. They attach tags that say "Made in the USA" and "putting America back to work."

The company says they're selling great too. "They love the bags," said Woods. "The bags sell themselves when they see the quality of the product. But when they find out the plight of this company and the need, everybody knows we're the RV industry, they are just willing to help and get on board."

Meanwhile, the company has been able to hire back 6 former employees just to make the fast-selling bags, they report.

And they aren't a bad deal, either. The bags retail between $30 and $35. For more information, call 574.533.8641 or e-mail

At least the people haven't given up.

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