Monaco Worsens ?

The complaints and reports are starting to come in that Monaco dealers are refusing to do warranty work because of either "slow pay" or "no pay" on warranty claims.

Rumor has it that a Southern California dealer turned away a 2009 Dynasty owner's warranty repair request because the factory was paying for it. Given the cost of a Dynasty, that's got to be one angry owner.

On top of that, we have another report from a Country Coach owner that his warranty repair trip to the factory was closed because they closed the factory doors "until further notice."

It's scary times out there if you own an Rv with defects. Get the work done fast. Get it done often. Try to get back to your selling dealer, where perhaps some sense of a moral obligation may help "guilt" the dealer into doing the repairs at no charge.

If all else fails, don't wait too long before getting an experience Rv Lemon Law lawyer's help. Like my grandmother told me, "First in time, won't wait in line. Last in line, won't get a dime."

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