100 mpg Cars Coming ?

The X Prize. It's goal is to build a viable, production-capable vehicle that can deliver in excess of 100 mpg or its equivalent fuel economy. And the prize? $10 million.

Now sponsored in part by Progressive, the contest began back in 2006 and holds out the prize to the first person to build a car capable of being mass produced in quantities of at least 10,000. The field of hot competitors has been whittled down to about 10 or so and Popular Mechanics has named what they think are the top ten contenders.

It's a curious mix of modified normal looking vehicles and space age styles that look like they are out of Star Trek, and everything in between.

There's the bunch of teenagers working on their plug in sports car-looking hybrid, aided by some Boeing engineers and some MBA types from Drexel University.

At the other end is cash-rich Tata Motors, who built the world's cheapest new car at $2,500 and dubbed the Nano and sold in India, the company's home country. These are the folks who bought up Jaguar and Land Rover and own Tetley Teas. What they have going for them more than anyone else in the race is lots of cash.

In between is a curious mix of marvelous cars. There's Tesla Motors, whose all electric roadster is already on sale. The VentureOne is a 3 wheel hybrid loosely based on the Carter One in Europe and using a gas or E-85 fuel.

But the one we love is the Aptera Tp-1, which projects mpg numbers at a remarkable 300 mpg. Its style is like nothing you have ever seen and nothing else out there. Popular Mechanics took one for a test drive and the video is seen by clicking here.

Better yet, the promo video for the Aptera is on YouTube here. You can actually place your order now for the car, which is expected to be delivered in 2009 and be a plug in electric that requires just an ordinary electrical outlet. This company is committed to delivery and looks likely to deliver regardless of whether or not they win the X Prize.

They all look and sound not just Green but also great, especially the Aptera. But if you've got a gas burner right now that's a lemon, we can help get rid of it and get your money back. Who knows ... you just might use the money to get one of these non-gas burners. That might be a step in the right direction in a lot of ways.

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