Too Many Lawsuits?

There are so many new lawsuits clogging the courts that a dozen states are setting up a new kind of court to deal with the increasing numbers. It really is true, but you have to read on for the real truth in the story.

For years the insurance industry has done a great job of convincing the public that there are two many lawsuits clogging up the courts. In spite of numerous government and private studies that show the numbers aren't true, the public still believes what the insurance industry says.

Well, now there are a dozen states that either have, or are, setting up a new type of court to deal with the increasing number of lawsuits. It's called a Commercial Court and it only handles lawsuits between business companies. That's right. Corporations are clogging the system with lawsuits against other corporations.

Ohio is the latest state to establish Commercial Courts, setting up temporary rules to allow the new Court to set up shop in 5 counties, with one county already up and running while 3 others have agreed and one is still mulling it over. All of them are counties with a large population base and a large business base, Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Franklin County (where the state capital city exists, Columbus), Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), and Lucas County (the Toledo, Ohio area). The fifth one is rumored to be Montgomery County, covering the metropolitan Dayton, Ohio area.

Well, whaddaya know. The increase in litigation wasn't being caused by personal injury lawyers after all. Medical malpractice lawsuits by greedy consumers wasn't the reason either. You mean it wasn't auto accident cases either? Nope.

Turns out the cause has basically been the rash of corporate boardroom lawsuits against one another all across America. But you don't hear the conservative press talking about that. Or any press at all.

So, the next time someone says there's too many lawsuits going on in our society, you can agree. Just be sure to point out that it's businesses suing each other that are clogging up the court system. Problem is, they probably still won't believe you. You'd think consumers would get angry over the snow job the insurance industry has used to justify jacking up rates.

This is probably the first time that an industry did such a good job selling a lie as the truth, that when the truth came out, people thought it was the lie.