Frozen Credit Records Equals Protection

For several years we've been advocating that giving consumers the right to "freeze" their credit record would go a long way to stop identity theft. After all, your credit record is what most identity thieves want to get at.

Now, more and more states are passing laws that require credit reporting agencies to do just that. Ohio has now joined the list.

For $5 you can lock your credit record down so that no one can get at it. If the thief can't use your personal info to open up a charge account and rip you off, then you have that much more protection.

This kind of freeze is different from a fraud alert because it does not have a time limit and is available to anyone, not just people who have become an identity theft victim. With the new law you can get a personal identification number to use so that you can remove or temporarily authorize the release of your credit file when you really do want to open up a new account, etc.

To take advantage of the new law and freeze your credit file, or to put a fraud alert on your file, just call the credit agencies at the numbers below or go online.

Equifax: 1.877.576.5734,
Experian: 1.888.397.3742,
TransUnion: 1.800.680.7289

Protect yourself. Don't let credit thieves ruin your life.

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