Chrysler Selling Viper ?

Rumor has it that Chrysler is looking for a buyer for its Dodge Viper division.

The hand-built sports car attained a lot of high praise since it's debut at the 1989 Detroit auto show and Chrysler has made about 25,000 of the hot sports cars since it came out in 1992 but its sales peak was five years ago and it's been waning ever since.

Calling its move a "strategic review" of the Viper division, potential buyers were not disclosed.

The 600 hp supercar is built in Detroit and production employs 110 workers who hand assemble each car. The pain-staking effort is probably the reason we have only had one lemon Viper case since they started coming out of the factory 16 years ago.

The one thing that is clear is that Cerberus, the new owners of Chrysler, are looking to sell assets and build up some cash, as seen by the two Detroit office complexes recently put on the market. Given the marketplace right now, that's probably a smart move. Too bad the Viper may be sacrificed to feed the bigger cash cow at hand.

If that happens and Viper is gone, owners should keep in mind that their factory warranty is from Chrysler and not from some new owner who may or may not care enough or may or may not have the assets to fund warranty claims sufficiently. So, if you've got a Viper with a problem, now is the time to get it in the dealer's shop, while the warranty is still not an issue.

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