Car Quality Gets Better, Mostly

Looks like car quality is getting better and better. JD Power & Asc. released a new study that shows rising quality but at the same time it shows new model troubles.

It's the annual Initial Quality Study they do every year but this year is different.

This time 75% of the brands have made significant improvements in initial quality over last year, with Porsch keeping its #1 spot. But, and its a big "but", long standing Lexus was bumped from the #2 spot by the Nissan luxury label, Infiniti.

The brands that slipped in quality were those who pushed out new models a bit before they were ready. They include Scion, that dropped like a rock from 11th place to 27th, with the blame going to the redesigned xB and the new xD models.

Consumers' biggest beef? Voice recognition software that just doesn't work. Countless owners complained their voice and wireless phone systems just didn't work. Industry sources blame the difficult and sometimes confusing nature of the technology, but owners don't care where the blame goes.

And they're right. We've got a new SUV and must admit we have never been able to get that function to work right either.

The top 5? Porsche, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes, and Toyota. The first American home brand shows up at #6, Mercury, followed by Honda nd then Ford.

And the bottom of the heap in quality? Predictably, Jeep. Inches above Jeep is the Mini and the Land Rover. Surprisingly, Saturn is only slightly above that and actually comes in behind Suzuki.

We've seen nothing but good quality in Saturn when it comes to owners complaining about their lemon cars and trucks. The Jeep is no surprise to us at all, but Saturn? That comes as a real shocker to a lot of people.

If you've got a lemon Jeep, a lemon Mini, a Land Rover lemon, or another lemon car or truck, we're here to help. We know how to get rid of lemons. It's what we do. Everyday.

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