Dealers Busted for Fake Id's

Buy a car, get a fake Id . . . it's a two for one sale, folks!

Butler County, Ohio Sheriff Rick Jones' deputies busted 3 local car dealers after an extensive undercover investigation that turned up fake identification materials being provided to illegal aliens to process fake documents for auto sales.

Turns out that if a car dealer wants to sell a car bad enough, apparently some of them are willing to even provide you with the fake I.D. needed to get a car loan. Now that is going the extra mile folks!

Also in the accusations was impersonating a police officer. Multiple indictments are being served or prepared for several felony arrests, officials say.

7 people were arrested after an investigation that some officials say was going on for almost a year.

"The grand jury was almost in shock that this was going on," Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones said. "It's happening all over the place, not just here, but we're the ones calling attention to it. It's rampant." To view the Sheriff Department's news conference, click here.

Acting on a tip that Jones himself got, undercover deputies began posing as illegal immigrants wanting to buy vehicles.

"On their very first attempt, the undercover officers were sold fake identification cards," Jones said. The dealership then used the fake IDs to process car titles and registrations.

Apparently the car dealer thieves (errrr, car dealer management?) would sell junk cars at inflated prices with high interest rates and then when the illegal alien would miss a payment or complain at least one car dealer would threaten to report the alien to Immigration or Sherrif Dept. officials to force payment or shut up the complainer.

All 3 accused car dealerships are owned by natives of India with the last name of Singh: brothers Sukhvinder and Sinderpal, who live in a $443,000 home in Deerfield Township, and Rajvinder, who lives in a $714,000 home in Liberty Township, officials said.

Officers arrested two of the brothers - Sukhvinder "Sam" Singh, 37, and Sinderpal "Paul" Singh, 34 - along with five employees, at the dealerships: Dozier; Samuel Roque-Guillan, 27; Jesus Vasquez, 27; Mary Reyes, 27, and Sylvia Pastrana, 23, all of Hamilton. Late Thursday, two others were still being sought on warrants: the third Singh brother, Rajvinder "Roger," 35; and Maria Martinez, 41, of Hamilton County.

Five suspected illegal immigrants who just happened to be at the dealerships also were arrested by federal immigration officers.

Okay, so we've got a case of immigrant used car dealers living it up while they rip off illegal aliens. It's not exactly a case of living the American dream, folks.

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