Isuzu Gives Up

Last year in the entire United States Isuzu sold a grand total about 9 cars a day --- in the entire country. You can't make a living that way, so Isuzu gave up.

Isuzu is pulling out of North America, unable to compete with either price or quality in a marketplace that is flooded with cars bearing all sorts of brands from all sorts of places. Even the Chinese are trying to figure out how to break into the US car marketplace. They better take a look at what went wrong at Isuzu before they take the plunge.

Meantime, GM plants keep building out the rest of their Isuzu contract. Most people didn't know that some GM plants were actually building Isuzu cars for Isuzu. Okay 4 cars a day isn't a big production order for the Moraine, Ohio, GM plant (a paltry one half of one percent of the production output at the plant).

When the bad press hit, an Isuzu spokesperson said "Ford doesn't build the Model T anymore [either]." Yeah, that explains it. Apparently the Isuzu Ascender and the Isuzu pickup truck models were just Model T quality? We could have told you that, folks.

And Ford better listen up too. Brilliant brains at Ford came up with the original Thunderbird design and the cool Mustang. Then along came the Fiesta joke and the Taurus - Ford 500 - and then Taurus again mess. That kind of marketing stupidity is why Canada turned down Ford's request to dole out $60 million to "incentivize" Ford to reopen its Windsor, Ontario plant.

In a brazen economic bullying move, Ford made it clear to Canadian politicians that if it didn't get $30 million then they leave town and just let the shuttered plant gather dust. Yeah, Ford, that'll get you lots of friends in the marketplace.

Somewhere along the way Ford needs to get back to building good cars and good trucks with good quality and good warranties for good prices. Lemons, cheap or expensive, don't make people happy. Arguing over warranty coverage doesn't build customer good will. You don't buy a new car so you can learn the service manager's first name in the repair shop --- you do that so you can stay out of the repair shop.

If you've got a lemon Isuzu or a lemon Ford (just not a Model T though because that warranty already ran out), contact us. You can call us on our Toll Free number 1-888-331-6422 or email us by clicking here.

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