Chrysler's Gotta Deal for You

Cash-strapped and loaded with leftovers, Chrysler has just told its dealers that they can put their left over 2006 vehicles in their "loaner car" inventory for just one day and then sell them as "used" cars for thousands less, at Chrysler's expense. That can mean big savings for consumers and price pressure on Ford and GM.

It also tells you how many left over '06 cars and trucks your local Chrysler dealer is stuck with and unable to sell for anything near the sticker or even the dealer invoice cost (the price they pay Chrysler for the vehicle).

To you it can mean a practically new 2006 vehicle for about 2/3 of the sticker price and that's a deep cut on a new car or truck that the dealer typically buys from Chrysler for only about 10 to 12% under the sticker price.

Before now, dealers had to move the last year model new cars into their loaner car inventory and let them sit there for 3 months before they could put them out on the used car lot. The change will cost Chrysler big money but it will enable dealers to unload their slow-moving left over inventory and until they do that many dealers are hesitant to order new 2007 model year vehicles, particularly when there is no visible difference between the two model year styles.

Being stuck with all those left overs has been a major source of irritation for Chrysler dealers, who up to now Chrysler hasn't been willing to help out.

For careful shoppers, it can mean big savings. But if that left-over turns out to be a lemon, it can be a disaster. If so, call us. New lemons, old lemons, any lemons, we sue manufacturers every day over lemon cars and lemon trucks no matter what the brand.