Snake Mustang, Wings Optional

The people who made Shelby mean something in American racing are at it again.

Ford Motor Co. and Shelby Automobiles have added another specialty Mustang to the stable of pony car offerings with the ’08 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake coupe.

The limited-edition Super Snake bumps output from the already-impressive 500 hp produced by the base GT500 to a screaming 600 hp. Not enough for you? Well they can fix that...

As long as you don't mind voiding the Ford warranty completely, Shelby's team will jack up the hp to a "take to the skies" 725 hp ... just add wings and fly off into the sunset!

Plans are to build the high performance cars in Vegas beginning later this year. In addition to the power upgrade, the Super Snake will get a performance-grade exhaust system; a short-throw shifter; 6-piston brakes with Shelby cast calipers and larger rotors (airbrakes not included); and a Ford Racing Handling Pack, which includes performance suspension tuning, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars and a front strut tower base. Neither pricing nor planned volume has been announced.

Of course, you do lose that invaluable Ford warranty when you crank up the horsepower to stratospheric levels, but at least jet fuel isn't required to run it (yet). But think about you really need to go that fast?