Toyota Keeps its Customers Longer Than Anyone Else

Quality counts.

As 2006 came to a close, toyota scored another prize. Automotive News announced that Toyota leads the industry in keeping new vehicle buyer customers coming back to Toyota products, according to a study just released by JD Power and Associates.

It has been Lexus that took the top honor before. Lexus is the luxury Toyota brand so it's not big surprise to see Toyota in the picture too.

The study measured the percent of new vehicle buyers and lessees who replacea a motor vehicle with another from the same brand. In this case, it turns out that Toyota owners replace their cars with another Toyota more often than anyone else.

Typically about half of the buying public replaces their vehicle with the same brand. In 2005, the most recent survey results at the time, it was 47.9%.

Toyota topped the survey results with a 63.9% loyalty rate. That may have something to do with Toyota's typically good resale value and often high quality, in our Lemon Law experience.

Honda is not far behind, with 60.3% loyalty. Meanwhile, on the domestic front, Cadillac tops the list at sixth place with a 55.5% loyalty rate. Chevrolet was next with 55.3%.

Still, many people think that if you buy the same kind of car often enough, sooner or late you will get a lemon. That may happen if the rumors of Toyota cheapening its product quality turn out to be true. If it happens to you, contact us. We can help.

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