Dealers Improving Service

Car dealers are improving but they still keep some customers waiting, irritating them and costing them business.

The JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index analyzes the purchase "experience" based on reports from the car buying public. What people complain about most? Long waits for the paperwork process after negotiating the purchase and a general feeling of being poorly treated, according to the survey.

On average, the auto sales industry creeped up 5 points on a 1,000 point scale (barely a bubble), accoring to the survey, which measures satisfaction with the dealership facility, salesperson, paperwork/finance process, delivery process and vehicle price.

Nearly a third of all vehicle sales take place on a weekend, when consumers aren't at work, according to the survey.

Jaguar is the top dog when it comes to giving customers a pleasing buying experience, while Mazda Mitsubishi, Nissan and Suzuki tied for worst.

But not everything is the buying experience. Quality still counts and that's a whole different story. A lot of German and Japanese cars took took quality honors and have consistently done so.

Car dealers of all kinds have lots of ways of making money off you. Things like the negative equity ripoff, arbitration clauses that can keep you from suing them when you find out what they did to you, ourageously priced window etching so-called "security systems" that are nothing but some high priced window scratches, and outright fraud.

When it comes to getting rid of lemons, or getting your money back from ripoff car dealers, that's what we do fact, that's about all we do and all we've done for nearly 30 years. If a car dealer ripped you off, if you got stuck with a lemon, call us. Chances are, we can help you get out of that mess they put you in.