Ganley Ford's Hurricane Katrina Ad Gets Them In Trouble

ConsumerAffairs and the Ohio Attorney General are reporting that Cleveland's Ganley Ford was the subject of legal action by the Ohio Attorney General after the car dealer advertised that "hundreds" of vehicles would be shipped to Ganley from Louisiana for resale because of hurricane Katrina. Turns out the dealers records couldn't support the dealer's claim that "truckloads of cars have been diverted to Ganley Ford where they will be released to the public for just pennies on the dollar".

From what the AG's office reported, it all appears to have been just a big come on to drum up sales. To settle up with the AG, Ganley agreed to pay $15,000 to the state's Consumer Protection Enforcement Fund plus $25,000 more to the Red Cross as a charitable donation directed to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

We think that stinks ... and it just goes to show how low some car dealers will stoop to take advantage of a disaster.

If you're ever in Cleveland and looking for a Ford, you might want to think real hard about the mentality at Ganley before you go there to buy anything! After all, if Ford's are built Ford Tough, Ganley Ford's sales tactics just might even be tougher ... on the customer, that is!