A Harley Can Hurt

Some motorcycle manufacturers understand that things can sometimes go wrong in the manufacturing process. Not so for Harley Davidson apparently.

We've got one case now where they have been nothing short of belligerant and abusive toward the consumer. Of all the bike makers out there, you'd think this would be one company that would care for US consumers more than any other. Makes you wonder if they even know there is a Motorcycle Lemon Law.

Frankly, we think some manufacturers think that if they bluster and bully anyone who complains, then most people will give up rather than argue and fight. The result? It looks like manufacturers think that can save themselves some money, and in the short run it might. But not taking better care of their customers will probably lose lots more money in the long run.

For now, though, Harley is one company that seems to think that if they "blow off" consumers who have lemon bikes, then most of them will give up. Of the one or two who hang in there and complain some more, the longer they fight for their rights the more likely it is they will be taken care of ... sooner or later. Harley just wants to make it as late as possible.

It's no wonder other specialty, high-end motorcycle manufacturers are taking away Harley's customer base. Loyalty and customer care go hand in hand. You'd think corporate America would know that.

The problem is that if a big corporation can figure out a way to save money today (forget about tomorrow), then you can bet they will be strongly tempted to do it. What is right or wrong doesn't seem to matter as much to them anymore.

This "right or wrong" business philosophy doesn't seem to have much to do with making some big company's decision-making anymore because the money-changers have taken over much of corporate America's boardrooms. That's a shame.

But it also shows that if you are the kind of consumer who doesn't give up, then the odds are you will get the justice you deserve. Sooner or later big business ought to learn that.

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